Small Groups

BBBB (Brown Bag and Bible Bunch)

This open group led by Pep meets Tuesdays at Noon in the church’s Teller’s Room. Participants are invited to bring a packed lunch and your Bibles as we discuss the biblical text used for this past Sunday’s message as well as the text for the coming week. We also discuss pretty much any Bible question that may come to mind along the way. It is relaxed, fun, and we all walk away having learned something new as we grow closer together.

Java n’ Jesus Group

This open group meets Thursday mornings at the Panera Bread at Virginia Commons (9960 Brook Rd, Glen Allen) at 9:00am. Participants are invited to meet with Pep for a cup of coffee and a time of devotion-inspired Bible study. We spend this hour soaking up God’s wonderful words of encouragement from Scriptures as well as soaking up some great coffee!

The above groups do not meet between Memorial and Labor Days.