Chamberlayne Baptist Church experienced a revisioning process a few years ago resulting in a focused vision statement of Outreach, Fellowship, Discipleship, Missions, and Worship. This is a sermon series from Pastor Dave sharing his views on each of those particular words.

Below is the first in the series, entitled “Outreach.”

Following is part two of our sermon series for the Chamberlayne Baptist Church vision; Fellowship.

In part three of the Chamberlayne Vision Series, we discuss the importance of Discipleship. When we invite people to check out our congregation, we are more than just a loving family. We are a gathered community dedicated to becoming followers of Jesus Christ and experiencing continuous spiritual growth.

Our Vision Series continues with “Missions.” God invites us all to be part of Kingdom work. There are a wide variety of ways people can become involved. Together, we can reach the world!

The final installment of our CBC Vision series is the message, “Worship.” It was carefully planned to happen on Palm Sunday, a great day of celebration in the Christian church. We hope you have found meaning in this series as we continue to discover our identity as a church family. In doing so, it is essential that we spend much time in praise and worship!